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Kristina Herndon
28 June 1985

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Krissette, but my friends know me as Kristina or Kris. I'm 25 years old from Southern California. I enjoy going to Los Angeles from time to time. I love Mystery Science Theater 3000 and stand-up comedy in general. Some of my favorite comedians include Lewis Black, Harland Williams, George Carlin, John Pinette, Jim Gaffigan, Craig Ferguson, Sinbad, John Caparulo, Dana Carvey, and many, many more. I love comedy in general. Especially 70s and 80s comedy. Animal House, Caddy Shack and Weekend @ Bernie's are my current favorites. I love horror movies. Mainly the classics.

I'm 420 friendly. I love smoking pot, especially on the weekends with a couple of drinks (Preferably rum & coke). I'm an IN-N-Out junkie, hippie & nerd who enjoys to laugh and be silly. I'm a Nintendo fan all of the way, but I can't resist Playstation's charm from time to time.

I'm currently obsessed with Rammstein. Gogol Bordello is my other favorite band. I listen to weird music in general. I have a very unique and different taste in music, although I'll listen to anything. Love nature, water, and listening to music outside. I love laughing with people. Going out and exploring new places and making new memories.

Dexter is my favorite TV show. <3 Michael C. Hall and Bruce Campbell cuz The Campbell man is awesome. Yes. I have a weird state of mind.

Peter Sellers is my hero. Lance Henriksen is my idol. I also love Saul Rubinek.

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